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Wholesale integration

WD Link is an e-store merchandise management application that fully automates the interfacing with wholesalers’ IT systems, ERP systems, making work easier for staff and reducing e-store administration and maintenance costs.

WD Link
Synchronisation of data

Synchronisation of product data with more than

200+ wholesalers' warehouses in Latvia and Europe

Data import

Importing all necessary product data into the

e-shop, including images and filters

Synchronising with systems

Synchronising prices and balances with wholesaler and ERP systems, ensuring correct prices, balances and mark-ups

New products

All new products that appear in suppliers' systems will also appear in your shop if they match the parameters you have selected

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Comparison of supplier prices

Automatic price comparison between offers from multiple suppliers, with publication of the lowest retail price

Markup strategies

Makes it much easier to design your e-shop’s markup policy, allowing you to try out a wide variety of markup strategies

Linking of categories

Linking wholesaler and e-shop categories ensures that products are placed in the right e-shop categories, with each wholesaler product category being matched to the appropriate e-shop category and linked to the desired mark-up strategy

Types of imports

You can import products from a variety of sources – XML, CSV, API, Excel, JSON and other formats. Also compatible with SCM, CRM, ERP, PIM, Google Sheets and other systems

Automated link to wholesaler

The link between wholesalers and e-retailers is automated. In case the wholesaler’s manufacturer name is different from the one defined in the shop, it is possible to link it manually

Discretionary changes

It is possible to modify and extend the application mechanisms with programmable PHP API plugins at your own discretion

Most popular payment integration options

Most popular delivery methods

Connection with warehouse accounting systems

Connection to comparison portals

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